“Books available by Asia Schmidt”

(1) Cry. Exhale. Heal: A Journey to Inner Healing.

“This is not your typical self-help book. It is not your typical learn how to be happy story. It is gut-wrenching. It is raw. It is honest. Why do I say that? Maybe it was the feeling I got from flipping through the pages and landing on chapter four. “I’ve only met bitterness once in my life…I vowed never to dance with her again, as she left a sour residue behind,” the author wrote. There was just something different about the book. It’s not just a how to fix my life story. It’s much more. It’s an eye-opening experience of the author’s ability to let people inside her head and her heart. It’s sad. It’s bold. Yet, it has warmth, and it has reflection and redemption. It is a complex diary that demands your full attention.”

-Katina Rankin, Emmy nominated journalist, & author of, “Up North, Down South, City Folk meets Country Folk.”

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(2) Soul. Healing. Expressions: 21 Days of Healing Your Soul.

One of the most effective tools for inner healing is self-awareness. Unfortunately, many women are unaware they are living out their lives based on lies from verbal and non-verbal messages communicated to them throughout their childhood, and in some cases, even in adulthood. Sadly, opportunity is missed to live a life of freedom and well-being.
In this journal, Asia teaches women how to rewrite their own stories using her “4 Step Rewrite Your Story,” method. This journal is filled with healing affirmations and journal prompt reflections for women to use in their own healing journey.

If you’re ready to heal your soul and stop responding to life’s events based on lies holding you captive, you will want to add this to your journal collection. Besides, isn’t it time for you take back you’re pen? Let, “Soul Healing Expressions” teach you how to rewrite expressions that heal the soul.

Available on Amazon now click here 

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