Choose 3 eyeshadows in colours which are really well together, a pale, medium and darker tone . If you are not sure a compact containing several matched shades is sensible.

To enhance your eyes, use eye shadow and a white eyeliner pencil on the medial side your lower lashes. Out of hand sparkles while applying eye make further up.

Once positioned strategic points on the face, highlights have being able to make your face glow. A highlighter contains shimmery particles that accentuate the face when light hits to them. Use a highlighter to put some brightness on encounter. Apply it on the highest part of one’s forehead (for those which small foreheads), the bridge of your nose, superior part of your cheekbones, and lastly, lisa armstrong dazzle stick your browbone.

eye make-up in order to be applied after your color contacts currently in locale. Otherwise tiny particles of your mascara or eyeshadow can get under your lenses and irritate eyesight. You should take your lenses off before you begin removing make-up.

Bronzer: Bronzer is good to any age of the year, but specially when you want to add some glamour on to the look. Apply your concealer or Dazzle Stick foundation first. Skip the powdered. Use a multi-shade bronzer with an incredibly wide applicator brush and apply it to your entire face with just a few light cerebrovascular events. You don’t need much bronzer to get the full effect, especially the hho booster has some shimmer for them.

6th STEP: Lipstick. Using a lip pencil to get the lips outline. May get choose a dark shade relevant with a lipstick. Use a lip brush to apply the lip Dazzle Stick. Darker and intensive colors require precise application.

It is recommended that you choose either eyes or lips as your focal period. It would be too over seo to do both. Is really a to put more focus on your eyes, a heavily lined, smokey eye structure and avon lisa armstrong eye pencil armstrong eye pencil review involving mascara are going to do the stunt. Keep your lips in a more neutral color selection. Intense eye make up will supply you with a seductive glow that is made for a evening out with good friends.