Provided that Apple’s iphone 8 wireless charging (description here) AirPods and BeatsX earphones at the moment are available, maybe it feels together with the Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter within the box is no longer needed. However the inclusion of solely a Lightning to USB-A Cable, rather than a Lightning to USB-C Cable or each, makes less sense given Apple’s port future.

Stating this iPad accessory merely as an iPad docking station could be an understatement as a result of it’s so much more. You may plant your iPad any place conceivable like TableTop, refrigerator, door handle, bicycle handle, automobile dashboard, around your hand or leg and the neatest thing is that it fits each version of iPad.

iPhone eleven Professional Max: A2160 (Canada, U.S.), A2217 (China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao), and A2215 (other)

iPhone eleven Professional: A2161 (Canada, U.S.), A2220 (China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao), and A2218 (different)

iPhone 11: A2111 (Canada, U.S.), A2223 (China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao), and A2221 (different)

iPhone XS Max: A1921, A2101, and A2102 (Japan); A2103 and A2104 (China mainland)

iPhone XS: A1920, A2097, and A2098 (Japan); A2099 and A2100 (China mainland)

iPhone XR: A1984, A2105, and A2106 (Japan); A2107 and A2108 (China mainland)

iPhone X: A1865, A1901, and A1902 (Japan)

iPhone 8 Plus: A1864, A1897, and A1898 (Japan)

iPhone 8: A1863, A1905, and A1906 (Japan)