About Asia Schmidt

Asia Schmidt is a licensed clinical addiction specialist associate, certified journal therapist, certified relationship coach and a certified belief therapist.

She has worked in multiple community mental health settings and has provided Christian Counseling services for her former local church. She has developed a Body Image curriculum for female adolescents for Innovate Therapy & Consulting; recently published her first memoir “Cry. Exhale. Heal: A Journey to Inner Healing,” and previously published “Our Family Journal: From Generation to Generation,” a family journal book for parents.

Asia is a featured writer on Relationships and Religion for Diamond Diva Magazine and is a highly-sought speaker who addresses topics ranging from faith and women’s empowerment to inner healing. She focuses on holistic health and ways to nourish the mind, body and spirit to help individuals attain their full potential.

Cry.Exhale. Heal: A Journey to Inner Healing can be found here 

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